Synchronize Google Web Services on Desktop

We use many of the Google services which are stored on Internet. I always had a thought of synchronizings the content on Picasa, Docs, Reader, Contacts and YouTube to my computer. Using a Desktop application would be fun to browse, manage and sync Google Services locally.

Google.mE is a Java based desktop application which can connect to Google web services and after logging in you will be able to interact with each and work together seamlessly. You will not only get access to all your content stored on Google Apps but also you can add new or create, remove or export, download files and documents to save on computer. Alongwith managing content you can preview videos using its flash player and read feeds with the help of RSS reader inside.

My Verdict: This new program is in its early stages, so in future, we will see new things coming in. In short, we can say that it is somewhat we expect from rumored Gdrive while trying to erase the boundary between the web and the desktop.

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