Automatically Synchronize Documents to Google Docs With Up The Sync

If you are a regular user of Google Docs and have a habit of synchronizing all your important documents on the Google servers we have a very nifty and useful application to help you with the task at hand.

Up The Sync is a simple Java program that synchronizes your documents with Google Docs in regular specified interval of time. It works silently in the background and take away your tension of updating the file on server when ever you make a significant change to the documents. The program also support multiple folder sync which allow it to monitor more than  one folder in a give time.

Using the application is a child’s play, after you download and extract the zip archive fire up the Up the Sync.jar file. Make sure you have Java runtime environment 1.6 or higher installed on your system. When the program starts for first time it will ask the user for its login credentials.


Soon after you verify your account you can add your desired folders you want to sync. After the application reads the list of available document file just check the file you want it to sync regularly.


As the program runs on Java it can be made to work on all the variants of Windows and Linux provided you have Java installed on your system.

Download Up the Sync

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vik - December 28, 2010

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