Detailed Guide to Synchronize Files on Android With Dropbox on Clouds

An Android is termed as smartphone and not a phone because we use it so much in our daily life. I store all my useful data, beautiful snaps, office document on it. Few days back I bricked my Android trying some thing stupid with out having a local backup and believe me I was in tears.

Although there are many application that offer cloud backup but they charge around $15-$20 a year but since we love the word free here I am back with a detailed guide as to how you can backup all your important files of Android on the clouds and live with out any fear of data loss with out paying a penny.

  1. Download and install DropSpace from Android Market or just scan the QR code below to get the download link. It’s a very nifty application and will not take your much time.dropspace install
  2. Once the application is installed on you Android, fire it up. It will ask you for your Dropbox account credentials, If you have just fill up and hit the Login button. If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet better get a free account here.snap20110305_214232
  3. Now that you have successfully logged in just configure the application to suit you like like “Run as service” or “Sync only over Wi-Fi” . Once you are done click on “Add directories/files to sync list.
  4. Select the individual file or directory you wish to backup on Dropbox.
  5. Now select the folder you wish to upload your file. Do remember to long press and select the online folder of Dropbox or the application might hang.
  6. Click the Sync Now button once you are done. You can see the progress on the Android task bar.
  7. Once the sync is done you can can check the files online.

As it sync the file it can backup all your data as well if you loose it under any circumstances.

Download DropSpace

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adrian gana - April 8, 2011

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