Synchronize Files Between Two Folders Easily with Simple Freeware Tool

We have already discussed with you as to, how you can synchronization and backup your data between two folders using freeware utility Zback. No doubt Zback is a good application to carry out the task, but it is bundled with so many advanced and complex features, that are not at all important for an entry level user. Now with BuduSynchro you can synchronize two folders easily with only a mouse click. It doesn’t offer any complex features,and just focuses on simple file synchronization between any two folders or devices (e.g. your external portable media).

budu syncro

BuduSyncro is an extremely simple folder synchronizing freeware providing only one option to the user and that is “Start Synchronize”. Downloading and installing the application is a piece of cake. One you start the program it will ask you to the source and destination folder to which you want the data to be synchronized. Once you have selected your folders just hit the Start Synchronize button.

The program will go through your selected folders and copy the data to and fro after analyzing the files. Time taken to finish the synchronization will depend on the size of the files.

I personally tested the program to sync files between two folders on network and it worked perfectly, given the folders have write access privileges for the user.

Download BuduSynchro

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Christo - July 27, 2010

BuddySynchro is a cheating software. They don’t allow to download.

    Ashish Mundhra - July 27, 2010

    @Christo No its not at all a “cheating software” the above link is working fine and you can download and use the program with out any problem. In-fact the program is adware and sypware free


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