System Tweaks: Everything you want in a Windows Tweaking Utility

Tweaking is an important fact when we want additional features or comfort in working with windows. Earlier we had covered tweaking tools like Ultimate Windows tweaker, Tweak Me and Win Bubble, if you want to look for more tweaking options then System Tweaks is a good utility to give a try.

System Tweaks is a freeware windows application that can be used to tweak windows with just few clicks. It provides various tweaking options placed under various categories like customize, maintain, clean, protection and utilities.You can also add password to this application to protect it from unauthorized access.

Customize option helps you to add/remove any features from start menu, control panel, desktop and explorer. You can avail various tweaks under maintain such as performance tweaks, adjusting visual effects and most importantly speed optimizer which acts as game booster by limiting features on windows hence freeing up system resources.

It provides a system cleaner that can cleanup temporary internet files, history etc. You can also scan your system for malware, spyware, trojen and viruses using this application.

Utilities provides you with useful options such as batch copy, creating virtual drives, advance run to start applications with priority and a process manager to control all windows processes.

My Verdict: This is a useful tool for tweaking windows but you may get an error message while working in customize category, just press continue to work normally.

Download System Tweaks (490.84KB)

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