Bring Tabbed browsing and Hover Preview in Windows 7 File Explorer

Spending more time on Web browsers, we are more used to Tabbed browsing and this is missing in Windows 7 File Explorer. I have already shared Explorer++ application which does same thing but instead of using another program, QTTabBar can add Tabbed browsing on default Windows 7 explorer. Not just Tab browser but also many other awesome features inside!

  1. Install QTTabBar and open any Folder
  2. Press Alt+V to open View Menu bar, tick QT tab Bar and Standard buttons.
  3. To open any Folder in New tab, Press Shift and double click on Folder, you can even drag a folder to Tab area. New tab will open if you have locked the existing open Tab.
  4. You can even access Recently closed tabs from Tab-History which can be accessed by right clicking on tab.
  5. Another Impressive feature of this shell extension is that you can see the preview of any Image or Video by just hovering your mouse over files.
    QTTabBar Thumbnail Preview

This was all that I could explore, you can tweak it more by referring the manual here.

My Verdict: This is indeed a very useful plugin adding a productivity feature on your Windows. I personally liked it and became fan of it.

Download QTTabBar

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Swamykant - September 8, 2010

Thanks for the information . i will definitely try this on my desktop 🙂

Siddanth - September 9, 2010

Thanks buddy will try this one out in my lappy..

liste - September 9, 2010

Now THIS thing is a keeper! After using it, the question that many will have is ‘home come Microsoft didn’t think of this?’ Thank for the information.


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