Take Ownership: Solve Access Denied Problem In Windows 7 And Vista

If you have recently movedĀ  to Vista or Windows 7 from Windows Xp, you might get a problem while accessing various files and folders that were residing on other partitions of your hard disk from the previous Operating System. Access Denied to some particular file or folder indicates that you do not have privilege to that folder or file. Well Take Ownership a small utility that can help you solve this problem.



Take Ownership is a free and simple utility that upon installation integrates with Windows shell. This provides you with option to take ownership of any file just with a right click on it. You can use this option whenever you need to get access to any such restricted files.

To uninstall this utility you have to run the same setup and click uninstall option.


This utility performs a very simple taskĀ  which can be performed manually also. You have to go to properties of the file or folder of which you want to take ownership. Then from the advance security option, you have to go to the owner option and edit it to your name. You have to do this for files and folder every time. By this process you can also take ownership of an entire Drive. But I did not find the Take Ownership option after right clicking on a drive. Otherwise this utility reduces time of work greatly with a single click.

Download: Take Ownership

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