Connecting to Remote Desktop Needs Nothing More Than Browser With Techinline

One Who works in the area of Technical assistance often face the problem of helping their clients solve certain problems by phone. The hard part of this is when the person across the line does not have sufficient expertise in computing to understand what he tries to explain.

To end this once, the best solution is Remote Desktop Connection , in which the technician can freely use the customer’s computer, without having to make an appointment. The Techinline Remote Desktop allows this, and novelty of the product is that- Everything is done entirely through the browser.

How it Works?

Website automatically notifies you to download them after logging in.

Having a Remote Access is simple and similar to what all we do with other such software. You need to obtain Client ID after logging in. Hand over this unique ID to someone who you want to give access to.

Person on another side after receiving ID will enter the same from his computer.

Thereafter, the customer accepts requests for technical assistance and accesses the computer remotely. We have various permissions to access like with or without Keyboard and Mouse Control.

What I liked Most about it?

  • Connecting right from Browser– No Software needs to be installed and access is made from browser itself.
  • Keeps the complete log of session
  • Drag and Drop File Sharing– Transfer the files directly during the active session without uploading to any server & then download.
  • Secure– While sharing our machine, we worry about Security part but Techinline offers SSL,two-factor authentication, code signing certificates. Strong 128-bit encoding makes it almost impossible to steal information.
  • Cross Browser Compatible– No matter which web browser you use or the person on other side use, install Techinline Addon and you are ready to roll.

Overall, a new player in Remote Desktop with different approach. Rookies will be happy to use it without getting confused and Home Users can use it hassle free.

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vinayak - January 24, 2012

best free alternatine for team viewer


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