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TED Talks are one of the most inspiring lectures that are being given weekly by the top most leaders of their respective fields. Hardly anyone would want to miss it. I have found the best downloader for TED Talks videos.

It download the videos in low/medium/high qualities. The high quality videos are in a better resolutions but I will recommend you to download low quality for mobile devices. Let me just introduce you to TED Downloader.

TED videos Downloader

As you can see the screenshot, I have queued a video to download in high quality.

  • First open the .exe file
  • Choose suitable video quality
  • Target the download folder
  • Now update the links
  • Select your videos
  • Hit the Get TED Talks button

Now you just have to wait for the downloads to end. This downloader has no indicator (progress bar) that shows the percentage of videos that are being downloaded. After it finishes the download, you will be notified with a small popping window.

Also if you didn’t like this downloader, then you can export the links in a text file & paste into your native downloader.

These little problems does not actually affecting the ease to get the TED Talks videos in a simple way. It also arranges the videos as per their qualities in your drives.

This is the high quality video I have downloaded through TED Downloader. Now I don’t have to say anything more about its quality. This downloader is bug free and its freeware.

I hope the updated version will be supported with Subtitles and more info about the downloads. I strongly recommend you to try this for now.

Download TED Downloader here !

TED Talks Videos Torrent Download

Most of the people on the internet are familiar with the uTorrent software. Its a small bit torrent client, now comes with the feature of inbuilt App store from where you can install a particular App as per your choice.

Here we are talking about the downloading of TED Talks videos via torrents. Advantage of this App is that you can select the videos with their proper information.

Here you won’t get only names but the download size & also a little demo. You can guess its quality by watching its demo. As you are downloading via Torrents, you can share the downloads with your friends too. Everyone knows about it.

To get the TED App, just click the Apps and at the front page you will find TED, now just add it and Enjoy.

If you need any help about how to download videos via torrents, you can comment it below.

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