Test blog Loading Time & speed from specific Country and Browser

Speed of loading a website depends on content, location of your server and your distance from it and somewhat also depends on Web Browser. Webmasters are always worried about this factor and here’s a tool to check loading speed from various browser and countries.

Loads.In, another great application online, at no cost and without having to perform any kind of subscription for its use, allows you to quickly find the time taken to load full website in different countries across various popular web browsers.

Test Blog Loading Time

Each test carried generates reports at different time intervals and also saves previous reports so that you can compare it after applying speed up tweaks.

Test Blog Loading Time

What more! Complete analysis of each element loading speed is possible using the Waterfall chart and you can also download the report in HAR format which can be viewed with HAR viewer.

Not always the Website elements cause slow loading but also, you should optimize your Internet Connection and improve browsing speed.

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