How to Test if PC Passes Minimum System Requirements of Game without Buying

Today Games are evolving at a rapid rate and your brand new system may become outdated for the next big release before you know it. Many of my friends have wasted their money buying PC games that don’t even match the minimum system  requirements of their systems.

Now with this free online tool you can know for sure whether you can run the latest PC game on your system with out actually buying one.

How to perform the check

  1. You should have Java Runtime Environment installed on your system.
  2. Make sure your Your browser’s security settings must allow you to install ActiveX/Java Plug-in components.
  3. If you have both the above requirements visit systemrequirementslab and select the game from the drop down list and click “Can You Run It”

    game check
  4. The next step will ask you to install a Java Plugin and you must agree to it.
  5. The check will be completed with in seconds and if your system passes the minimum requirements you will be shown a green flag.
  6. If you system fails the test you will be provided with the details where you need the upgrade for the game to run smoothly.assassin cread

So next time you are buying an expensive PC game make sure your system pass all the necessary minimum requirements.

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shyam jos - February 18, 2011

great tip for gamers!


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