Test Website against Different Browser Window Resolutions and Devices

To design a great website, you must test it against different window sizes. You have to ensure proper display of your pages against multiple resolutions. This process is an integral part of professional web design. Since the mobile web is exploding fast, you have to test against all the mobile browsers too. ResizeMyBrowser is a simple web app that makes the process dead easy.

It lets you resize your browser window accurately in order to simulate the screen of different devices. There are 15 preset window sizes, commonly used in notebooks, netbooks, iPad and mobile Phones. It also suggests the name of the device that uses those browser sizes. You can test with both portrait and landscape view. You have the facility to set your own custom preset that will be stored for the next time you visit. You can delete your custom preset anytime.

ResizeMyBrowser Interface

ResizeMyBrowser shows value of current size in real time. It is able to set the browser size by both Inner window and Outer window. It works well with Firefox, Safari and IE. But unfortunately, due to some issues, Google Chrome and Opera do not support it.

Site: ResizeMyBrowser

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Anandarajeshwaran.J - July 23, 2010

Thanks for the find


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