Don’t Buy Android Smartphone Without Considering These Points in Mind

Choosing and Buying Android Smartphone in Market is difficult owing to varied choice. These are most important Factors to be considered on shopping. Unlike iPhone, where decision is just about the Storage and Color, Buying Correct Android Smartphone is quite tough.

You’re running yourself into a big mess because while planning to get an android, you have to take care of not just how much memory or what color you need, you’ll have to take care of many other factors as well which I’m listing below.

Let me tell you what battles you’ll need to fight when you’ll go to buy an android phone. It’ll be about Price, company make, screen size, memory, processor, battery backup, processor, RAM and many many more. Below, I would like to discuss the most important of these.

Processor and RAM

In the current market, the processor for different phone varies from 600 MHz to 1GHz and nowadays, they are even available as dual core processors which are on the higher side of the price of course so again, you’ll have to think about your budget. Now, about the RAM, there are again many variants and range available. Android has a good application management so a phone having around 512 MB or more is said to be a good phone which can run all your apps seamlessly.

Screen Size

How big thing you can hold in your palm? If you can answer this, you can surely solve this problem. AMOLED, Super AMOLED and many others are rich quality available and screen size varying between a 3 inch to a massive 5.3 inches (as in Galaxy Note) is something you’ll have to choose from. I would suggest : 3.5 Inch is a good deal.

Storage Capacity

Now this is an important factor. All you install from Android market will go by default to your internal memory, so choose it wisely. Having internal memory of around 1GB looks good and with of course a scope of having additional memory which looks healthy at around 8GB.

Though there are sophisticated options like moving your apps to SD or huge Gameloft Games to SD Card but still, if you are not so geeky, why not prefer one with atleast 512MB internal storage.

Developer Support

As the tagline of our site goes- “Because Android Does“. Yes, the possibilities with Android are endless with proper developer support. I am not saying that you should be able to control devices at your home with Android phone but some small hacks adds features and functionality making it feel more productive.

If you’re not that hardcore user and you’re just looking to buy an android for a normal use then this factor should not affect you much and you just have to take care of the other factors but if you’re a geek and looking to experiment a lot (unlike me) then you got to look into this. You must check if your device is easy to root + if there are any good interesting and attractive custom ROM available and if yes, you have your share!

System Updates

Now here is something in which Android is lazy and one of most common nightmare of Android Users. Unlike Apple, Android always gets the updates too late and sometimes they don’t get the updates at all for certain low end devices. Android 4.0 Ice Cream is already out and very few existing devices in market will receive this update. So, confirm this first – “When will my Android Device get Ice Cream Sandwich” or any other future updates or not.

Battery Backup

Mobile device with tons of awesome features with poor battery backup is a bad combination. With so powerful Processor and nice graphics display, you cannot expect really long battery life but atleast 18-20 Hours is necessary.

Most Android Phones come up with 1500 mAh Batteries but still for some 2500 mAh to 3000 mAh is recommended. Not always, the hardware is responsible for battery drain but sometimes it’s unoptimized firmware, reason behind it. Go through User reviews especially about Battery without finalizing the device.

This is it! Stop thinking and start researching if you’re sure to buy an Android Smartphone because thinking is such a waste of time 😉 Comments and experienced comments will be appreciated 😉

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Panduan Android - October 22, 2012

That’s right… we are already known that there are so many Android Smartphone available. We must choose the right one…


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