TinyPad Text Editor saves notes and sync or share online

Using a simple text editor is common when we want to take small notes like phone numbers, address, website links, write programs etc. For these purposes I generally use notepad++, which is a great application. But when there is need to do more like sharing and synchronizing notes from the text editor, or update the text as your twitter status update, you will need TinyPad.

share text notes online with others

TinyPad is a small and free text editor, that can perform all basic text editing jobs with advance tabbing options that can be renamed. You can create multiple text files and save them as archives in one place for later reference. The font styles cannot be changed but its size and colors can be defined.It also has search and highlight features to make our work more productive.

Now storing these notes online makes TinyPad bit different from others. You can sync these texts on SharedNote and later if you want to access those notes from other computer it will be easy task.You will also get a public link to your text that can be shared with other people. Further you can give your written text in social networking sites like facebook, twitter, digg, stumble upon etc.

You can also update your twitter status messages and view earlier tweets with TinyPad. This application comes in various visual appearances that can be applied as themes. You can select a particular theme or randomize theme to get a new look at every start. It also provides lot of keyboard shortcuts to make work at finger tips, these shortcuts can be viewed from options.

My Verdict

If you are in a job that demands social exposure, then using this application will give you comfort and will save a lot of your precious time.

Download: TinyPad

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