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7 Tips for Saving Money while Online Shopping, Be a Wise Customer

With the inevitable growth of the Internet, more and more people prefer to shop online for many reasons. Whether they purchase music through iTunes or e-books in Amazon, antivirus software licenses or clothing or even consoles on eBay but the fact is that people are encouraged to buy online.

After some dozens of online buying experiences, today, I decided to make a compilation of some tips or advice to save money when making purchases online.

No wonder coupons are the most encouraging thing to shop online, sometimes even when you don’t need it actually. Not just saving Money but also I share tips to buy wisely.

Follow your brands on social networks

Every business company is on Social Network these days and offer a great deals just for their Fans and Followers. It is common to see Brands like FCUK, GAP or Banana Republic who not just make their online presence with Facebook Page but also rewards their Fans.

Not just Facebook, but Twitter, a sort of feedback loop where they receive criticism from its users to continue to improve, and reward them for it. If it comes to discounts and offers, you know what tip would serve you if you are addicted to social networking.

Find Discount Coupons

Personally, when I have to buy something, my very first step is search on Google with keyword- “<Product Name> Coupon Code”. For example: GoDaddy Coupon code while buying or renewing a domain.

Some sites which offers Coupon codes are:

  • couponcraze.com
  • couponmom.com
  • retailmenot.com

Compare product prices

This is a real-life advice but many forget when we are online. Surely we already have experience shopping in a store and always prefer to use the same, but sometimes we find the same product much cheaper elsewhere, is only a matter of comparing prices of products with different vendors.

To this end, specialized tools that exist to save us much time for looking and comparing. For example:

  • compareindia.in.com
  • bizrate.com
  • froogle.com

Avoid paying for shipping

Whenever possible, do not pay. There are places that if you buy certain amount of products they send you free, or at least make you a discount on it depending on what you’re buying. There are other sites that do not charge you shipping for nothing, as DealExtreme, which sells interesting electronic gadgets at low prices, with many positive ratings.

Find a Good and Recommended Dealer

Sometimes it is good risk, but depending on how much money you’re spending on a purchase, do not risk buying a site without references. Googling is good idea about the site first to see if there are forums or sites where there are people complaining or talking about the service, whether for good or for ill, it is best to learn and no surprises at the end.

To avoid such problems is also very advisable to read pretty well all the restrictions of the transaction, as it often happens that small sections (those in small letters) bring important considerations that can affect us greatly.

Subscribe to sites via email

If you’re really a follower of a site or a brand and want to stay abreast of new launches, as you did subscribe to this blog 😛 , Subscribe to the site via email if they offer that possibility. I’ve done in places where I buy regularly and I could not get many discounts, some in conjunction with other promotions.

Wait for the perfect moment

As if it were a relationship, waiting for the perfect time to do what you wan to, in this case: A purchase (sorry, I’m bad with analogies 😀 ). If you do not rush to buy one item, wait until the price of this down to something cheaper. It is obvious that when a new product hits the market, its price is higher than normal, then goes straight and then falling exponentially.

If you wait until the product’s price drop a little, and join a discount coupon at the right time, you might get the same product at half price or even less, depending on what you’re buying.

Do you have other tips to share either good or bad experiences? Comments are welcome.

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Bharath Mandava - August 9, 2011

Nice tips dude…..must follow them…..

Tarun - August 10, 2011

Tips for Buying a new Nokia Phone – Wait for atleast 7-10 days when a new Nokia phone is available in the market. The price get reduced to 10-15% after that.

Thamza - August 10, 2011

Excellent article man. Thank you!

Krishna - August 10, 2011

Hi Rohit,

Seems the coupon code sites are offering coupons for US. Please give some indian sites offering such coupons.

    Rohit Langde - August 10, 2011

    Try mydala.com, dealsandyou.com or snapdeal.com

Saurabh Mukhekar - August 11, 2011

Nice tip and information,will really help the peoples !!!


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