What To Do When Internet is Down: Art of Surviving Offline

When Internet goes down, we forget that rest of the Computer is still working. It seems impossible, but even today, you can stay offline. I know it’s hard. But there are things you can do with your computer even offline, incredible as it may seem.

A failure in the power of the internet provider, the breaking of the modem or router, damage to the cable network or anything can be the cause for this.

Suddenly, all our certainties crumble. We find ourselves disconnected. We find ourselves in 1995. Let’s see what you can do when internet is down (while waiting anxiously to get back online).

Spring Cleaning

Disk CleanupLook at your workplace / cubicle, things are messy, dusty. It’s time to clean them and put it in organized manner.

Take a look at your Computer Desktop, there are plenty of empty folders, many of then with name “New Folder (X)”, Many images unclassified, right?

Well, it’s time to put things right. A messy desk makes you lose time and prevents you from finding what you’re looking for. Start by throwing old, deleting empty folders, empty Recycle Bin and delete duplicate files.

Safety and Backup

computer securityWhy not take advantage of the lack of Internet also to finally make a backup of your system? Do not be unprepared, put the system in a safe with a nice backup. Maybe with the help of recommended PC Cloning software.

And speaking of safety, this is the perfect time to do a good anti-virus full system scan, those that require a lot of time, and for this reason you usually don’t do it.

And speaking of time, you can also take advantage of it to defragment the hard disk, one of the useful operation but often procrastinated. Of course, not to rely only on the Windows Defrag but rely on more powerful tools. Choose any of from the best Degragmenting software for Windows to do it.

Go Gaming or Watch a Movie

classic games to Play when Internet is DownI already have Need For Speed and some Best Truck Games for PC installed but unable to play due to workload. Now, when you can’t work even if you want to, Gaming could be a nice leisure and escape from boredom.

If there aren’t games already, classics never die. Go playing the old, irreplaceable timeless solitaire.

Not even games, then I am sure there are many Movies lying on disk which you never watched.

Finish up that Pending Story / Article

Story to Write When Internet is DownThis is the right time to put your hand to your science fiction story / your scandalous autobiography / Personal Blog article or any other writing you have left too long in the hard disk tray. 

Free from the internet, without any kind of distraction and armed only with a text processor as thin as possible we can finally dedicate ourselves to write.

Crazy World Out There

outer worldTake advantage of the lack of connection to a ride through the streets of your city. And maybe, who knows, you might find that the dear good old real world which still has a little charm!

So, next time, What you are going to do when Internet disconnects?

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Ajay - September 6, 2012

The computer works without the internet :O 😉

There is always something to do. I always relax and catch a movie when the internet goes down. Or more importantly, catch up on some sleep.

pritam patil - December 30, 2012

🙂 well its something good to do ! 🙂


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