Top 5 Professional DJ Software | Music Mixing Program for Windows / Mac

There are free software to mix music like DJ whose possibilities are enormous, but the fact is that as you improve your taste changes with time and you need some advanced features such as VST effects plug-ins, support for timecode on vinyls, higher quality sound, etc.

In this post we present the 5 best programs to mix music. Many professional DJs use them for their sessions and they can more easily emulate what you think:

Traktor PRO

Traktor is considered by many as the best program for playing music on the market. Not surprisingly, it is present in the cabins of major clubs and on the computers of some of the best DJ on the planet.

The great virtue of Traktor (if we were to keep only one) is that it does not matter if you take little time at the scene or are already an established DJ: You can squeeze the program as you wish and take as many of its functions as your experience and quality DJ will permit.

Traktor has a spectacular design, with fully configurable 4-course, a multitude of effects (VST), loops and samples and a really intuitive to work with them. In addition, its compatibility with external devices is complete: you can connect an external table, a controller, samplers, turntables, timecode … The possibilities are endless.

You can download the trial version of Traktor from here.


In a hypothetical battle for the scepter best program for mixing, Torq would plant it quite expensive to Traktor. This is because Torq, the work of the prestigious M-Audio is a very complete tool that provides everything you need for the professional DJ, and noted, among other things, to provide exquisite sound quality.

Torq offers up to 4 discs to mix, 4 slots to insert effects simultaneously on each plate and support for 20 VST effects at once. It also includes a comprehensive console loops, with which you can improvise on the fly and create new remixes of songs.

But if something is in love with Torq TRAQ is something called Morph. This is a crossfader type tool (the lever to make you hear a plate or the other) special. Morph TRAQ add effects to the movement of transition from one plate to another, so you can get perfect mixes with a twist.

In addition, Torq is compatible with all types of MIDI controllers on the market and other software and devices from M-Audio. Download now!

MixVibes Cross

The podium of programs for the complete DJ Cross, MixVibes more professional version, with version MixVibes Home Edition and MixVibes Cross DJ .

MixVibes Cross is one of the most comprehensive out there. Noted for its compatibility with MIDI devices, digital vinyl (Timecode) and DJ CD players. It’s really amazing the feeling that is achieved by combining MixVibes Cross with digital vinyl.

Moreover, MixVibes Cross has a rugged design and all functionality that requires a professional DJ. Highlights: The counter ultra (and Ultrafast) BPM Tempo control and management level of the music library, perhaps the best of all the programs tested.

You can download the trial version of MixVibes Cross from here.

Virtual DJ Pro Full

The free version of Virtual DJ is fantastic and has millions of users around the world. It is probably the best way to enter the world of the mixtures. But, as mentioned at the beginning, there comes a time when you need more.

A good option is to get the professional version of Virtual DJ, Virtual DJ Pro Full. First, it will not cost you anything to get used to its interface, and second because it includes some really interesting features. Of what is it?

Regarding the free version allows Virtual DJ Pro Full broadcast live, supports microphone, compatibility with timecode vinyls, access to downloads of skins, effects and some interesting features such as mapping of controllers.

Serato Scratch Live

And last, not least, is Serato Scratch Live . This program is the “Best of the Best” of programs for DJing, but targets a very specific audience.

Serato Scratch Live is used by professional DJ as a support for its classic set of turntables mixer and vinyl. Serato Scratch Live offers an emulation of vinyl and CDs through the system flawless timecode.

Coupled with Rane hardware or any other external device, Serato Scratch Live delivers spectacular results, with a latency (the time between you touch a button and hear the result) and unmatched sound quality amazing.

You can download a trial version of Scratch Live Sarato from here, but to appreciate its benefits must have a proper DJ equipment.

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Itender - November 21, 2011

Cool Software……….I already Installed in my PC………Rocking Sound…….Also Mixer…..! Nice Post Bro

Itender - November 21, 2011

Hmmmm I like this Application………..also wow effects..Nice post dude

umashankar - November 22, 2011

That’s cool 🙂

Dushyant - November 23, 2011

U just download the Traktor PRO, but after running this application, i am not be able to listen the sound.
plz help

mail id:

Rojish - November 26, 2011

Really cools apps… I am fan of Traktor, awesome app.

softmace - November 27, 2011

Virtual DJ Pro Full is the most complete program.

Eric Lenhard - December 20, 2011

Traktor is a great DJ app, especially if you are using it with nice MIDI controller.


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