Track your blog content, catch the copy cat

How do you know when someone copies from you blog and publishes on different forums, Blogs or his own site? provides very unique service to blogger. It tracks your blog content, and whenever some one copy content from your blog and paste it in his own blog, a Link Back to your blog will be added in the end of the article. Tynt Insight shows you which text and images are copied and how often. This helps you better understand which content is most interesting to your users.

Key Benefits and Features of Tynt Insight


  • Provide high quality data to your advertisers, over and above page view and time on pagestats (which don’t necessarily prove engagement)
  • Optimize your search terms and keywords
  • Produce more content that is more closely aligned with what your users are interested in
  • Improve your search engine ranking
  • Track virility by learning which stories users share most

How to Track Blog Content

You can see a screen shot, that how it looks like.

track content

Visit and Register a Free account. Now Login to your account and you will see a HTML code in your Dash Board. Copy the code and paste in your blog. The code should be paste before </body>. You can read step by step guide for How to add the code in your blog by reading the below tutorial. click the link to read the tutorial.

What to do when you find someone copying your content? Do you know Blogolute clone was being made but taking action against it eventually resulted in deletion of blog.

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turisuna - March 25, 2010

Thanks for the sharing, I will try it, I haven’t known how it works, but I will learn it.


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