NetTraffic: Track Internet Speed and Bandwidth Usage Analysis

Many people among us use internet connection with limited bandwidth per month. Although each dialer application has its own traffic usage tracking application, they do not provide much detailed analysis of day to day usage and speed obtained for uploads and downloads. NetTraffic is a useful tool that helps you analyzing internet usage statistics in detail.

NetTraffic is a freeware windows application that monitors network usage from all network interface cards installed on your system. With this application you can easily view internet speed in real time, this helps you to determine how good your ISP is. Using this application is easy and once installed it starts monitoring internet usage automatically from system tray. Double clicking on the system tray icon will bring up the speed monitoring window.

Apart from monitoring internet speed you can also get detailed information on usage and use prediction, this feature will also help you calculate you monthly internet bill as it can be easily found out by knowing the pricing per MB. To see statistics you have to right click on the application icon in system tray ans select statistics. It provides advance filter to view usage details for hours, days, weeks and months.

My Verdict: This is a helpful and small application and can be easily used by all users. It provides nearly accurate traffic usage, with the advance filter options it is possible to keep exact traffic usage details.

Download NetTraffic (702KB)

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