Tricks to increase your Subscriber’s count

Every Blogger is keen to know his feed subscriber count, isn’t it? and we always try to increase it’s number but it always goes on changing from up and down. So guys, on this article I’m giving some tricks to increase your subscriber’s count. There are many big blogs (I’ve seen) who have thousand of feed readers!

So, by seeing their strategy to increase the number of feed readers, I’ve also came up with the following tricks :

1.Try to Be Unique :

Your blog should have quality content so that, visitors would like to subscribe your feed. Don’t copy other’s blog content (really a bad habit) If you need that post, Be honest to provide source link or backlinks.

2.Use welcome text on the top of your post :

I’ve seen this trick working on which has the following text on top of the post :

Thanks for visiting! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. This blog posts regular WordPress news, updates of themes, plugins, ideas, hacks, quick fixes and everything about blogging, especially with WordPress. Go ahead, subscribe to our feed!

Also, you can provide Email subscription form as I did following

3.Ask your visitor to subscribe to your RSS feed at the end of the post:

If your post content is good enough, visitor will subscribe for sure so give him the links at the end. Be creative in writing that sentence :

If you like this post then please consider subscribing to my full feed RSS. You can also subscribe by Email and have new posts sent directly to your inbox.

4.Try different ways to attract your visitors :

This job is beautifully done by who uses “free e-book subscription” to increase his feed count :


5.Provide an easy way for your reader to subscribe :

This trick is followed by and have a big number of feed count :

6.Run a Subscribe-to-win contest on your blog :

Many Upcoming bloggers conduct such contests i.e. they offer money or free ad-space or link to your blog. You will surely get a good number using this (I will also have to follow as this is a new blog).

But this trick has an evil side also, you may also have decrease in feed count when contest is over since many readers will unsubscribe when their motive is fulfilled.

So what about you? Do you have your own trick that I haven’t listed here? Share it with us on the comment form below. I end this post with a hope that you will subscribe my feeds.

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Debby - January 18, 2008

I think having unique content is the key to building your RSS subscribers. I recently found
That is now one of my favorite blogs because you can’t find a clean blog like this with such unique excellent quality posts.

Rohit Langde - January 18, 2008

Having unique content is most important but along-with that, you can use other tricks given above so that reader willfully subscribes your feed, what say?

Pete - January 18, 2008

Some good ideas here. Thanks for posting them! I’m just trying a contest on my website, so hopefully it’ll generate some good results.

Rohit Langde - January 18, 2008

Yes, definitely you will get good results but beware of the side-effects which I’ve written.


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