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10 Tricks to Use Google Search like Ninja and Make Most out of it

Google is the first source of information when we have questions or need more information about any topic. Born 13 years ago, the search engine has improved a lot and has been incorporating new functions making it more than just a search engine.

At the moment, in addition to Search Information, Google Search field can trigger something more instantly using its tools. This will save time and make result available directly about common search keywords and avoid aimless browsing of Internet.

Ready to become Google Search Ninja?


If the Google page is open on your computer browser then, forget that you click the start button and open the Windows calculator. You can do it in the search box, type the desired calculation. The result will appear in a stroke of magic on top of the results page.


Want to know the temperature today and the next day? Simply type the word “weather” followed by the name of the city of your interest. You will see the data for the current day and forecast for the next three. Besides temperature, the agency shall inform the level of humidity and wind speed and direction.

Movie Showtime

Google already asks you to fill up location and offers results accordingly. So, Movie showtimes at a cinema theater near you can be found using Google Search by typing the keyword “movie:” followed by its name.

Currency Converter

It is not difficult to find sites for currency conversion. But if you can do this operation right in the Google search box, why extend the process? Enter the amount, the original name of the currency in the desired Currency format to get conversion rate.

Search by File type

Sometimes you may want to find information that comes in a specific file type (e.g. pdf, ppt, doc or mp3). With the filetype: operator you can easily do so. E.g. IC Engines filetype:ppt will only show you PowerPoint presentations with the title IC Engines.

Conversion of units

Do not feel bad about not knowing how much is 3000 miles to kilometers, or 67 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius. Ask for this information to Google’s own search box, following the structure of currency conversion, ie, using the preposition “in”.

Status of your team

At times, especially at work, it is difficult to visit sports sites for news of the team’s heart. You may think that you’re not doing what it should. If curiosity pound, do the following: write the full name of the club on Google and click on the magnifying glass to search. You will at least within the score of the last meeting and the next game (with the name of the opponent, day and hour). The tool does not work 100%, but is now available for big clubs.

Flight Schedule

Google also offers a consultation service to flight schedules. For example, to get the data from flights between Nagpur and Sharjaj, type “flights from Nagpur to Sharjah.” In addition to summary information about how many planes and airlines which travel the route daily, you will see a full list of flights from both the day of the appointment as the next five.

Music Player

You may be knowing many sites to stream online music of your favorite artist so, why not use Search engine as Google to find them. Just enter the name of Music Artist and links of his popular tracks will be displayed. I agree result will not end up always the song you are looking for but sometimes a random track from the same artist is all you need.


Stuck in some unusual word you never heard of. Enter in Google search preceded by “Define:” to get it’s meaning along with other dictionary information.

The above mentioned are handy keywords to be used while on google homepage but if you want to get to know all the dedicated tools and features of Google search engine, head on to http://www.google.com/help/features.html

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Anil singh - December 16, 2011

Nice article Rohit. Thanks

mmg1818 - December 17, 2011

pdf in google search is virus.

Yogi Yang - December 21, 2011


Nice article as usual.

Is there some way of finding Indian Rail’s Train timings?

    Rohit Langde - December 21, 2011

    That would be nice if Google includes IRCTC too in quick results. As of now, there is no such facility to do that except using Indian Rail official site or Cleartrip.

Vishesh Kachheda - March 31, 2013

Calculator, Cinema and Dictionary are Really Good !
Didn’t Knew That Google is Also Like A Text Assistant 🙂
Nice Post 😉


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