Try and run Software Applications without actually installing them

I am fan of testing new applications and enthusiastic about experiencing new features in various softwares. Many a times, there are some unstable releases which can put you in trouble on installation. So, how about skipping installation and making it portable?

Yes, you can make a Portable app out of any installation setup file. This is made possible by extracting the files inside installer. Any software setup or installer is nothing but an archive of files which is programmed to extract at specified locations already.

Universal Extractor is a tool which can extract most of Setups locally inside a folder and you can start using any application without actually installing it.

Why Avoid Installation?

Conventional Installation allows the files to be write on system folders. Yes, you can uninstall but it creates unnecessary registry edits and heaps of garbage files in cache. Moreover, it increases number of System Restore points (if created one) by various installers.

universal extractor

Universal extractor

How it Works?

Just drag the setup file you want to extract and click OK. Within seconds you have all the files in archive extracted at the directory location.

Now hunt for the application starter which is generally an exe file (like for Firefox, its firefox.exe inside nonlocalized directory).

My Verdict : Works for most of the softwares and easy to use utility. Great time saver for testers like me and helps you in keeping PC clean.

Download Universal Extractor

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Mac - August 16, 2010


What do I do if I want to make a cd portable. Cause theres heaps of .bin files and then the installer. Which one(s) do I extract?

Than ks!

Robb - January 5, 2011

Hi. I’m not trying to be a wise guy. But this can be done manually without any additional software, right? I’ve been running in Windows 7 Ultimate a very old Photoshop program(windows 95 vintage!) by importing all the files from an old hard drive into a folder, finding the exe file and making a shortcut to it. Granted it’s unstable and doesn’t retain any settings. But amazingly, it works! Are we perhaps talking about something else here?

Robb J Mott
High end computer abuser

Robb - January 5, 2011

Just another note. I would strongly urge caution to anyone before they try what I just described in the previous post. I do a complete image backup of my entire system before I do experiments like that. I’m a self taught guru via many expense mistakes! It’s a hobby, so I spend twice as much money and time than an average user or trained professional! Lol!

JohnDepth - February 1, 2012

Hmmmm….. Interesting. It’s similar to boxedapppacker…


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