Tune-Up Utilities 2011 Review: What’s New and Changelog

New major version of Tune Up Utilities, Tune Up Utilities 2011 for Windows is now launched. It consists of a set of tools to optimize our Windows installation and cleaning performance on and off certain resources leaving the software installed.

Starting with the Program, The program interface has been redesigned, and each of the utilities group has its own window and we can see summary of all data in a summary of the 32 options available in Tune Up Utilities 2011.

Tune Up 2011 Utilities Review What's New

The main impression is undoubtedly the utility called Deactivator Program, which gives us the ability to disable the programs COMPLETELY you have installed in Windows. The advantage of “Deactivation” is that resources and space consuming programs are eliminated as disabled if the program had been uninstalled, so we reduce boot time and improve performance gain. And if we want to run that program again, disable Deactivator and execute it normally.

Tune Up 2011 Utilities Review What's New

Once you have configured Tune Up and optimized the system, we also have a new tool that will tell us how far we’ve managed to optimize Windows and show us how far we can squeeze more. And if we want to test the effectiveness of program by program, an evaluation function of the applications will tell us how many resources we get if we disable certain system applications.

Tune Up 2011 Utilities Review What's New

Not just new but also existing features have been enhanced: Turbo mode (used to sacrifice everything possible to accelerate the full system) is now 10 times faster with 70 internal processes that disables the system, whereas before it was only able to turn seven. Thus accelerating the system, the turbo mode is perfect for gamers.

The key objective of Tune Up Utilities 2011 is to demonstrate that however much care for our Windows installation, the installation continues to slow down the system and applications, thanks to disable cleaning programs and resources to get it to behave as if it were just installed.

The minimum requirements of Tune Up are not very demanding: a computer with Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista or Windows 7, a 300 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM and 300 MB of disk space.

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Nihar - November 27, 2010

I have used in the future.

Will definitely try this out!

Sydney @ InteliWise - November 29, 2010

I have been using TuneUp for how many years now. Every time I clean my PC from the clutter inside, I use it. I also love using the startup manager, is this the same as the deactivator?

    Rohit Langde - November 29, 2010

    No, Deactivator program is completely different. It shuts off process and background services of a particular program as if it is uninstalled.

Cort Windibank - December 10, 2010

Is this download a full version of TuneUp 2011 ? Does it come with an activation key ? Is it free ?

vimoj - December 12, 2010

its a trial version for 15 days..

does anyone have the full license key


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