Turn Windows Desktop into a Real 3D Desk

Are  you getting bored of the simple looks of your desktop? Tired of using the same customization tools for changing desktop looks? Well, then you can get real 3D desktop experience with Real Desktop.

Real Desktop is a windows freeware application that turns your normal desktop in to a real desk. According to the design you choose, it gives the feeling of having all your desktop items like icons, recycle bin etc lying on that surface. For example if you choose the default design it gives the appearance of  icons lying on a room’s floor.

It takes effect just after installation without the need of restarting the system. Settings provided are easy to understand and you can customize various aspects like dynamic lightning, camera angle, 3D sound effects, Choosing atmosphere, design selection, choosing icon style and the font size, reflections etc.

To deliver the effects properly with anti-aliasing this application makes proper usage of graphics card. We have tested its on a laptop with windows7 32bit having1.8Ghz Core2Duo, nvidia 8400 and 4 Gb RAM. It worked seamlessly and effects were great.

Download Real Desktop (6.7MB)

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Ariana Sotolongo - September 8, 2010

man 3d is taking off. they currently have touchable 3d and they are coming out with 3d displays that you dont need glasses for. insane stuff. i still feel its a little bit of a gimmick though.


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