TweakMe: Tweak Hidden Features in Xp, Vista and Windows7

There are many features in Windows that can be tweaked to obtain maximum performance and security. These can be manually done by going to each settings and services individually and changing them, this takes lot of time and is bit unconvincing for a general user. TweakMe is a free and portable application that can help you by placing all these tweaks at one place and under proper categories for simple understanding. It offers lots of tweaks categorized as follows:

Windows7 and vista hidden tweaks

Here you can choose the category under which you would like to tweak things and then just expand them to get all options. All these options are self explanatory and as you select them their description appears on the right side space.

It provides tweaks under Windows which can be used to change various display settings and other general windows options, You can change Internet Explorer settings for various aspects likeĀ  remove search bar, disable catching of SSL pages, disable catching of passwords etc. You can control Windows Media Player settings for greater performance and privacy. Performance section consists of all tweaks to increase Windows performance by disabling or enabling many features. Security settings include clearing of page file at shut down, disable auto run and many more features. User account control can be used to enable or disable UAC. From Aero you can stop effects of Aero desktop. Windows Update allows you to control the way windows checks for update.

My Verdict

This software is very useful, it can automatically detect the operating system on which you are working and provides tweaks according to them.

Download: TweakMe

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