SpokenTwitter : Tweet Your Own Voice in any Language with Emotions

Have you ever used your own voice to tweet? If, the answer is no, try SpokenTwitter. It’s a cool service that lets you use your own voice. You can tweet in your local language supported by it. Normally, your tweet can be of maximum 140 characters in length. But, here is no such character restriction. It supports unlimited recording length.

You can tweet from mobile in own voice easily while you are offline. Most interestingly, your followers can hear your real voice. Isn’t that cool?

It’s pretty simple to use. Follow these steps to get started.

1. Go to SpokenTwitter.

2. Select a language from the dropdown box at left-top corner. Click the link below to start.


3. Sign-in with your Twitter account.

With Twitter Account

4. Next, fill up all the fields with required information and click “Submit”.

Enable SpokenTwitter

5. After successful SpokenTwitter sign-up, call the number provided there and start tweet. You can find the nearest access number in your country by clicking the “+” sign. For India it is 918326646005

SpokenTwitter Sign-up Successful

Your tweet will get posted in your profile as a SpokenTwit link. By clicking that link anyone can listen to the recording. If you want, you can disable the service later easily from your Twitter profile settings.

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Reyes Avril - September 2, 2010

Hi! this was a great post youve made. I will make sure to forward this with my friends. Sign language is a very serious topic we should take into account


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