Twitter Mobile App Can Give Instagram Effects To Photos

Not exactly Instagram but I used the word to make understanding easy. Instagram is an app to give really cool effects to photos instantly. If you prefer instagramming photos before tweeting them then it has become more easier now. Twitter app gets a Photo editor with filters to create instagram-like photos.

So, you don’t have to open a Photo in Instagram and then share it on Twitter. It can now be done directly from Twitter mobile app.

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How to give Instagram Effects to Photo in Twitter

It’s an usual way to adding image to tweet. Go to Compose and select image to be added. After choosing an image, Twitter now opens Photo editor instead of adding it directly.

This Photo editor has three option buttons at the bottom. Photo filters can be accessed from middle button.

There are eight Photo effects in total and you just have to slide photos to see preview of photos after applying effects. Click on the button and you can see all previews at once in grid view.

It also contains the automatic boost function, allowing automatically balance the light and colors of the photo. Last button has resize function which allows to zoom and crop the image to make it square, rather than rectangular.

All these effects have been developed from scratch by Twitter with the help of Aviary.

Though, Aviary SDK can provide more complex functions and effects to photo editor but Twitter restricted itself. Main motive of adding this feature to Twitter app is to quickly edit a photo and give effects to make it look impressive and cleverly hide the poor quality.

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Is it an End of Instagram?

I am least interested in photography and hardly post photos on social web. Comparing Instagram with Twitter Photo Filter would be foolish because Instagram is a dedicated photo editing application and a publishing platform. Twitter is just giving a additional feature and doesn’t have enough filters. Also, if you talk about quality, Instagram effects are better any day.

This move by Twitter may pull some Instagram users who only want to apply filters regardless of quality. While the artistic ones will continue to use Instagram and build their portfolio along with sharing on Twitter. For them, Instagram is a platform to portray their art and even earn money.

And I think majority of users (which includes me) in former category are in majority. So, if this come true, it will be a big blow to Facebook who recently acquired Instagram for a million.

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So, are you continuing with Instagram or will move to Twitter Filters?

Photo Filters are available in Twitter app for Android as of now and will soon be arriving on iOS. To get this feature, update Twitter app from Google Play store.

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