6 Twitter Backgrounds and Professional Themes Customization Sites

Twitter Background is the real identity that we put behind our tweets. Well, everyone wants to apply the true identity by having more customization. So here are some exciting web services that allows you to choose free backgrounds of good quality plus a limited amount of customization.

You can get full access to customize your backgrounds by paying their desired prices. I have tested these services fully. Few of them don’t support the basic authentication but you can install backgrounds manually. These services support Twitter Authentication so no need to worry about Login details.

List of the Twitter Background web services

1. TwitrBackgrounds

TwitrBackground supports basic authentication & its the easiest way to change your Twitter Background. After selecting your theme, click the Make this my background button & let it complete its process. Now check your Twitter background, it will be changed.

As I browsed the gallery, the collection of backgrounds is plenty enough to satisfy your need plus the quality is good too. To access the right side options, you will have to purchase the feature so you can add up your own photos.

2. TweetyGotBack 

TweetyGotBack is a free service that offers best quality twitter backgrounds with direct install option. Just select & install and you are done. In this web service, customization is not offered. You can browse its gallery & select the one you like and then click the Twitter Theme button to apply the same in your twitter background too.

3. CustomBackgroundsForTwitter 

This is not a web service dedicated only for Twitter but you can call it as a wallpaper gallery. You just have to click the wallpaper & it will be opened in high resolution. Then save the wallpaper as image, go to Twitter : settings/design & change background by uploading the image that you have earlier saved. Don’t go with the images in this screenshot, I chose the ones I liked. Must check out this gallery.

4. TwitBacks

TwitBacks puts your info on the left side of your twitter background. In this web service only this feature is useful. Limited amount of backgrounds are free, others are paid. I like this feature in case you want your Twitter to be professionalized. The guide will help you to create your background & its very easy. If you purchase the background template, I think the logo Created At TwitBacks will be removed.

5. MyTweetSpace

MyTweetSpace is the best web tool to organize every element that is needed for your Twitter theme. I have browsed the gallery and the collection is pretty good. Twitter Auto-Install feature fails to update the background so just download the Background & apply it manually. You can purchase the Personalized feature & access all the options.

6. TwitRounds

TwitRounds is almost same as the first web service we have discussed. You will see the difference in the collection of Twitter Backgrounds. I am not biased to only one but both web services have their own quality of collection that can only be founded out by you. So browse the gallery and auto-install your desired background theme.

I hope you all will enjoy while customizing your Twitter backgrounds.

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