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Integrate Twitter search on Google

Why use separate search engines for Tweets on Twitter search when you can integrate it with the popular Google Search results. Thanks to Greasemonkey script, It is possible to display Twitter searches on google Page.

I like mainly for two reasons: the integration graphically occupies relatively little on the page, and above all, because it allows you to access results from these comments that Twitter is doing what you’ve searched.

I feel great when it comes to complement the results of Google, and those who use Twitter know the value of comments and notes made in real time.

To enjoy this feature of course you need to have Greasemonkey (Firefox) and install this script you can find on this page.

There is another option to have Twitter results on Google search with avatars of profiles who tweeted about your keyword. This uses the results ondefault Twitter search. This script is created by FaceSaerch and author claims that it is recommended by Matt Cutts too! Here is the screenshot the results using this script.


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