Best Twitter Clients for Windows, Linux and Mac

Twitter is now emerging as new social media as the number of users using it are increasing and it is also used by many entrepreneurs as an advertising tool. So, to stay connected with twitter and get tweet-by-tweet updates- You can’t depend on direct browser interface. Getting a Twitter client for your desktop will solve the purpose. Here I leave you with some best Twitter clients :


Twitter Desktop Clients

Twhirl : I use it personally and found it very easy to use. Features include Tweet updates like Email updates on Gtalk i.e. popup in bottom right screen, options to Direct message, reply or retweet just by hovering mouse pointer on their avatar. You can also adjust the frequency of the updates from Twitter.

Snitter and Spaz are also similar Desktop Twitter clients working on Adobe AIR platform. Hence, These all are compatible with Linux, Mac and windows ofcourse!

Preferring Twhirl has some reasons like it has elegant interface with some beautiful color skins and ability to add more than one / Multiple Twitter account.

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Ben Kevin - September 22, 2010

I use TweetTwain, a new Twitter client for Linux and Mac, get it from It supports multiple accounts and there are many features specific to business users. I never thought of using Twitter for my business, but TweetTwain features are helping me a lot to get more targeted followers thus more business.


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