Twitter Tools to avoid Spam Bots

It is read that Most active users on Twitter are Bots. Spam has become a major problem and company has started taking action against this but for now, take a look at new tools to reduce unwanted tweets in our accounts.

First tool to avoid spam on twitter is TrueTwit. It validates each user’s potential by sending them a link. This link takes them to a page where they need to enter CAPTCHA to prove them as human not a spam bot.

The downside of TrueTwit is that its fairly impossible to validate each and every request of validation if you are following large number of people. Also,Just because someone is able to pass the captcha validation test doesn’t mean that they aren’t a spammer. It indicates that they are a real person, rather than a bot, but they may still be posting “click here” links all day long.

twitter spam

Another one is TweetBlocker, They categorize your followers in various grades from A to F (the latter being worst). They do not send any mail or CAPTCHA test but reviewing spam suspects according to the grades can surely help reducing bots from your account.

Afterall, its an application which may fail to catch or block the suspects, and still needs some adjustments and user control. During the tests gave an F to several friends for the simple fact that not posting too often, however, gave a B to clear a spammer.

Finally, Prevention should be taken at personal level if you receive possible suspect in Message box or in @ replies section. Make Twitter a better place.

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Nihar - August 7, 2009

Spam is now a days part and parcel of the game. ppl have to deal with it, can’t avoid it totally.


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