Twitterbar: Tweet anything right from your Firefox Address Bar

If you have multiple Twitter accounts and you tweet dozens a day, then you must try Twitterbar. It’s a nifty browser add-on that allows you post updates to various Twitter accounts from your favorite web browser without logging into the account. It can link multiple accounts and you don’t require remembering all the login details once set up has been completed.

Twitterbar Add-on For Firefox

Twitterbar adds a small Twitter icon to the right of your address bar. Just type your message in the address bar and hit the icon. Your tweet will be posted instantly. While surfing the net, any URL can be posted as tweet simply by clicking the icon once. You can hover your mouse over the icon to see how many characters are left.

Twitterbar Icon on Address Bar

Post Your Tweet by Clicking the Icon

You can also post by typing “- -post” (no space between two consecutive ‘-‘) at the end of your tweet. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, then you need to type “- -@account_name” after your message, but before typing “- -post”. If you do not specify an account, you will be asked to choose from a list of authorized accounts. To add a new account, just type “- -account” in the address bar. You’ll be prompted to sign into Twitter with the new account. You can manage your accounts from the options dialog. Type “- -options” in the URL bar.

Twitterbar  also provides a way to search Twitter and the social web directly from it. Just type your search and then add “- -search”. Or, you can search by clicking the magenta icon that appears when you hover over the TwitterBar icon in the address bar. It will perform the search in a new tab in the browser.

Search from Twitterbar

This cool application is available for Firefox and Google Chrome.

Download Twitterbar for Firefox addon

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