Ubuntu Mobile OS to Transform Smartphones into Desktop PC

Ubuntu surprised the world by unveiling Ubuntu for Phones. It has a ability to transform smartphones (even your existing Android) into a Desktop PC. What exactly you could do on Ubuntu PC can now be accomplished on Phone. So, we have yet another mobile operating system based on Linux.

Advertised as Superphone, Ubuntu Phone is really a revolutionary product with a beautiful interface.

Don’t Confuse it with Ubuntu For Android

Ubuntu OS for phone is different from Ubuntu for Android project. Ubuntu for Android lets you access Ubuntu when Android device is connected to large screen. However, Ubuntu OS for Phones is a completely independent OS with which you can access Ubuntu even on small screen.

Ubuntu OS for Phones will be made compatible with Android Kernel and Drivers so, any device which runs Android should be able to run Ubuntu too. At the moment, Galaxy Nexus is said to be officially compatible to run Ubuntu Mobile OS. Same device was used to show demo and developers too will have to use the same when image is available for download.

Unlike Android, Ubuntu mobile OS apps will be based on HTML5 as well as Native code QT instead of relying on Java virtual machine. This should at least theoretically lead to faster performance on the same hardware as a Android installation.

Will it run Android Apps? No

What’s Different in Ubuntu Mobile OS

Interface is more of like a Desktop and not any mobile device.

Innovative thing about it is the Thumb gesture from all edges of the screen which has two benefits: 1. Keeps the screen clean and clutter-free and 2. enable users to find content and switch between apps faster. Left side swipe will let you choose new app to open from the launcher while right side swipe switches between open apps.

Notification bar is similar to the one you see in Android devices. In addition, it boasts the Universal Search bar which will yield results from multiple sources. Ubuntu is apparently clever enough to determine which of the results are most likely be what you’re looking for.

For Whom it is

Looking at the Demo video, it can be concluded that Ubuntu Phone is mainly targeted at Enterprise. But, in the same video, CEO also says that- “Ubuntu’s appeal isn’t just limited to Linux enthusiasts and enterprises. Instead, We also see an opportunity in basic smartphones that are used for the phone, SMS, web and email, where Ubuntu outperforms thanks to its native core apps and stylish presentation.”

Release and Download

No matter, how good the device is, it needs a manufacturer for good hardware. There has been no news about the Manufacturer or Carrier support. One thing which is promised is, Ubuntu phones will be in market in late 2013 or early 2014.

Downloadable image however will be available for enthusiasts to try on existing Android devices as well for Developers in coming weeks.

How will it Affect Smartphone Market Scenario

Only a trailer of Ubuntu mobile OS is unveiled and people have gone crazy about it. I wonder what will happen when this device will be reality and available in market.

Ubuntu OS has potential to transform your smartphone into Computer. That’s where its USP lies. But the adoption will still be dependent on the development of apps and availability of Manufacturer and Operator.

Android and Apple iOS will get hurt a little but I have a strong feeling that Windows Phone 8 future maybe doomed even before its blooming season.

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