Ultramixer Professional DJ software

If you want to start making your first steps as a DJ, the program that you presented today can be a great way of entering the world of mixing music and getting your own riding sessions and parties.

Ultramix is a software for DJ’s (both novice and professional) that allows you to mix digital music in multiple formats that can be highlighted between MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV or CDs in real time.

UltraMixer - Be a professional DJ

UltraMixer – Be a professional DJ

Working with UltraMixer

Working with UltraMixer is very simple. The free DJ software’s interface provides 2 digital music players that allow us to open 2 songs at a time, so that you can making it sound in a simpler way or another. With this free professional DJ application you can also add fade-ins, changes in sync and a long list of effects to entirely command over each moment of the mixing.

In addition, Ultramix has versions for all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS and Linux). There are three versions of UltraMixer available: the Free Edition and the Basic Edition for private users and the Professional Edition for high demands and commercial use.

Ultramix is completely free in its Free version, but has other more advanced versions (Basic and Professional) with an additional cost but it brings more functionality if you want to totally submerge into the world of DJ’s.

Download UltraMixer

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