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Unblock Website From Firewall and Web Filters by Changing Wrong Category

Office Workplace and Schools have Firewall and Web Filters installed to prevent employees and students from opening certain sites. If it is a social networking site which is a productivity killer or Porn which is not safe for work then it is fine. Problem occurs when a good site becomes victim of wrong categorization and access is denied.

Here we will learn how to unblock a website which you feel is marked as inappropriate by web filter software.

Recently, I came to know that my website was blocked by a popular web filter and people had problem reading blog at office. On investigation, I found the site was marked as “Gaming” website and hence access denied.

access denied by web filter

Let me tell you websites aren’t generally blocked individually unless you are Facebook. Parental control and Web filter software collects data from web about sites and categorizes them as Entertainment, Personal Blog, News, Gaming, Hacking, etc.

What customer (Office or School) does is block certain categories which they feel inappropriate. This is generally done by network administrator.

So, the real reason behind website being blocked at workplace isn’t the network admin of your office but category set by Web Filter software. To unblock website at workplace, we have fix the category and for that contact the web filter company.

How to Unblock Website at Office Workplace or School

Some of the popular Web filtering software used at workplaces are Fortinet, Bluecoat and K9. Basically, as a webmaster, you have to request them to review your site. An employee / user may also do this if sure about the category of website.

  1. Submit review request. Like there is dedicated page on Bluecoat or K9.
  2. Use the support forum on their website to let them know.
  3. Find the support Email or any Contact details like Phone number.

You will have to suggest the correct category along with your complain in email for better review decision. They generally revert back within 24 hours and if the site was categorized wrongly and notifies you about the change.

[alert-note] If nothing works, you always have a Proxy option or read our guide to access Blocked Websites. It will also help you to access which are deliberately blocked. [/alert-note]
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