How To Uninstall Babylon Toolbar From Roots and Remove All Traces

I guess Babylon Toolbar is hardly installed wishfully. It is either installed by fooling user or enters into system while installing some other software. That’s not a problem; problem is with its removal. It is so stubborn that you just don’t have to uninstall babylon toolbar but also remove all traces to get rid of it.

Bad thing about Babylon is that it cannot be removed easy way like we uninstall other programs from Control Panel.

This is how the Web browser when Babylon toolbar is inside your computer system:

Remove babylon homepage

As the traditional process of uninstalling, we will go to Control Panel >> Programs and Features and uninstall Babylon Toolbar.

Uninstall Babylon Toolbar

System uninstall is done so, let’s move on to browsers one by one to remove babylon toolbar.

Remove Babylon Toolbar from Firefox

1. Press CTRL+Shift+A to see installed addons on Firefox.

2. Disable every addon with name “Babylon” in it and then Remove.

Remove Babylon Firefox Addon

Not all traces are removed because if we look for keyword “babylon” in Firefox configuration, it is still there. So, next step is to remove all entries named “babylon” from Configuration and Preference file of Firefox.

3. Press Win+R >> type %APPDATA% >> Press OK.

4. Navigate to mozilla/firefox/profiles/(folder)/ and here you will find prefs.js which stores all your Preferences.

5. Right click on pref.js file and click Edit to open it in Notepad.

6. Press CTRL+F >> type babylon >> Find Next

Remove Babylon Firefox Traces

7. All entries of babylon will be highlighted. Delete entire lines with babylon in it one by one.

8. Go to Firefox Option and in General Tab, change delete the URL – and set it to whatever you want as homepage.

Remove Babylon New Tab Firefox

9. Close Firefox and Navigate to Firefox Installation Folder (Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\SearchPlugins) Delete babylon.xml

Remove Babylon Search XML

If you carried out all above steps, Babylon is hopefully removed along with all its traces. Open Firefox and it should be clean now.

Remove Babylon Toolbar from Chrome

1. Press Alt+F followed by S to enter Chrome Settings.

2. Look for On Startup and click on set page to remove Babylon URL.

Remove Babylon Chrome Homepage

3. Look down for Search and change preferred search engine from Babylon to something else.

Remove Babylon Chrome Search

4. Done! Restart Chrome and it should be clean now.

Remove Babylon From Internet Explorer

I couldn’t notice any Babylon addon installed on Internet Explorer. Only thing changed was homepage so, go to Internet options and change Homepage to whatever you want.

Remove Babylon Internet Explorer

Babylon isn’t any virus or malware but you can categorize it under PUP (Potentially unwanted program). It annoys user, collect browser data and makes creates hindrance in working. Moreover, it inserts itself in all possible to computer system but using this guideĀ  I hope you will be able to uninstall Babylon Toolbar completely with all its traces removed.

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sahil - September 2, 2012

great post.
here is a similar video for removing it from all browsers….hope it helps

pritam patil - January 17, 2013

Thanks Rohit it is all real , I too got babylon installed on my pc and it was just unwanted for me..And now im very happy as it is removed now..:)

Harish - August 20, 2013

Babylon was hurting me lot. Thanks for the tutorial. I succeed to remove it.


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