Uninstall or Turn off Windows 7 applications and Features

windows-se7enFew days ago, It was a news that Internet explorer can be uninstalled in the latest build of Windows 7 but this was not true because it only removed the executable of Internet Explorer to avoid being used as a browser, but retained all other files in IE, as they are necessary for both Windows and many third party applications.

But, It seems that Microsoft took this issue serious and confirmed that IE would be uninstallable in final version. Along with, there are many more new names in this list of Windows inbuilt components that can be removed or uninstalled (more precisely Turned OFF) from Windows 7. There names are as follows :

  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media Center
  • Windows DVD Maker
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Windows Search
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Windows Gadgets
  • Fax and Scan
  • XPS Viewer (includes virtual printer)

But what do we mean by “off” these features? In the blog of the developers of Windows 7 explained that the idea is that the user can return to “activities” without the installation DVD, and keep intact all the components necessary for the implementation of third party applications (APIs and units) . Therefore, it is not strictly an “uninstall”, but simply seeks to these programs and can not be executed by the end user (the Programs menu disappear, disappear from the list of default programs but do not disappear from your hard disk ).

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