Uninstall Windows Media Player 12

Upgraded to Windows 7, but don’t like the Windows Media player 12 / WMP 12 which is present by default. If you fall in these category of people then uninstall WMP 12 and use the earlier version you like.

Follow the tutorial step by step to remove WMP 12 and downgrade / replace with Windows media player 11.

1. Download Windows Media Player 11 Installer for Windows 7

2. Now Type services.msc on windows 7 search bar

3. Stop Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.

4. Take Ownership of following files

All files in “Program Files\Windows Media Player\” folder
All files starting with “wmp” in System32 folder
wmploc.dll.mui in “Sytem32\en-us\” folder

5. Now Run Windows Media Player 11 Installer

6. Now type Regedit on Start Menu Search bar

7. Delete following Registry key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Setup\Installed Versions

(Don’t forget to take Backup of Registry before modifying registry /editing/deleting any registry key)

8. Finally, go to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player, right click wmplayer.exe and in the details tab copy the “Product Version” (eg in my pc it’s 11.0.6000.6324). Then open regedit again, open “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\PlayerUpgrade\PlayerVersion”, and replace the value with the one you copied before, but where you see dots, replace them with commas.

Personally, I removed WMP 12 before of tagging problem and its executing speed. So, I searched for procedure and compiled from the search results. Thanks Sandip.

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Nitin - July 2, 2009

WMP 12 is too slow yaar…..I am going to remove it today.

lalit - July 28, 2009

windows 7 media player 12

lalit - July 28, 2009

reinstall wmp12 windows

Robin - December 14, 2011

Do you know how to remove it completly from windows xp? I can’t find it anywhere on the web.

Robin - December 14, 2011

Nevermind, I just saw that I cannot have windows media player 12 on windows xp apparently but I still don’t understand how to un-install it :/

Aj Jingco - February 18, 2012

Man thank you very much I fixed my Windows Media Player love ya man!


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