How I Made Unique College PowerPoint Presentations With Elegant Slide Designs

PowerPoint Presentations have become integral part of Academics in almost all fields of Study especially in Medical and Engineering technology. And Question in front of you is How can you become Unique at Presentation in class?

Common scenario when you present your Presentation in front of class is that, most of your class mates will have similar slide designs. Most of which are part of program which came along with installation in short, nothing new.

I agree that content is king even in Presentation and feedback is also dependent on presenting skills. Still, why not impress audience with attractive PowerPoint Slide designs.

College PowerPoint Slide Designs

In colleges, Presentation topic is most of the time from academic course so, content was never a problem for me and it should not be for most of you. So, I worked on Presentation skills and choosing impressive PowerPoint Slide Designs of course, relevant to the topic. It is a good idea to have Slide designs too matching exactly with the Presentation topic. For example: If the topic is “Robotics”, choose Engineering Side Designs matching exactly with Robots instead of Multipurpose PowerPoint Templates used by most.

How To Find Topic Relevant PowerPoint Slide Designs

1. Use Google to Search PowerPoint Templates

If you have read our 10 Tricks to use Google Search like Ninja, this isn’t new for you. We just have to use proper keyword to get relevant result. .POT is a file extension for PowerPoint Templates and sometimes even available for download in PPT.

So, enter keyword as “Filetype:pot Medical” to find Medical PowerPoint Slide Designs Download.

Search results are often cluttered and along with Templates, there are some Presentations too. If you are Lucky, you will get a ready-made Presentation along with nice slide design else you will have to filter out manually by checking random ones.

Free Power Point Slide Designs

2. Use Free PowerPoint Template Download Sites

There are many sites providing free download of PowerPoint Slide designs and templates. Free PowerPoint Templates is the one with variety of designs offered for free download.

It has A-Z category which means almost all types are considered and not just broad ones but you can find topic specific PowerPoint Slide designs too. For example: You can get a slide design related to “Back Ache” instead of compromising for general “Medical” term.

Make PPT More Interactive and Share Online

Try to involve Audience by using Live Presentation Feedback Tools which also can make use of Social media like Twitter which integrates Live Voting.

Also, at the end, offer them a link to view your presentation online. You can either do it by converting PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube Video or upload PPT directly.

Upload Share PowerPoint Presentations Online

Uploading Presentations to share online is better and thanks to sites like SlideOnline which provides a platform to share your academic presentations online publicly as well as privately if you want to limit it to your class mates only.

Not just sharing but Slideonline also lets you browse already uploaded presentations and download them. Though a new site, but another way of looking into it would be clutter-free making it perfect portal for your class group.

Apart from Slide Designs, you should make proper use of Animations and Sound if allowed. I am sure no one else will do that and hence you will get those extra points for extra efforts.

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Mayank - June 23, 2012

There is an add-on for Office 2007 & 2010

Name:- VisualBee
Size:- Approx 2MB (Web Installer),Approx 50MB (Full Standalone Installer)
It helps newbies as well as professionals to make visually appealing Slides for Presentation.

You should check out yourself to see its advantages.

It has a Free Version and A Pro Version.

    Rohit Langde - June 23, 2012

    I have mentioned about VisualBee too. Check it under “How can you make Presentations more Interactive” 🙂

Lee - April 2, 2014

Rohit, thank you sharing practical information. I have already checked the platform for sharing ppt presentations and find it realy great!


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