Unlimited Free Storage Backup on SugarSync with Sync on multiple Devices

Backup, Synchronization and File sharing in one place with 5 GB free storage space of SugarSync account. You can store files, sync them on multiple devices and mobiles and share them publicly.

If you have heard of dropbox then SugarSync is a strong competitor of it but having multiple advantages. To the comparison, we will discuss that later. If you are new then, It is a folder with all your data stored in cloud and accessible from almost any device.

Sugarsync offers 5GB of space on free account, just install their client and you can start selecting folders to sync with sugarsync.

SugarSync can be installed on almost all popular computing platforms namely Windows, Mac, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symmbian and Windows Mobile.

sugarsync unlimited space

SugarSync Unlimited Storage Space Promo

You are not limited to just 5GB of space, refer your friends and earn 500 MB space in your account and your friend too gets additional 500 MB. And, the number of referrals and invites are unlimited till 31st March 2010.

Go on referring your friends with invite link and keep adding extra 0.5 GB to your account. So, 100 friends can get you 50 GB of free storage space which is more than enough.

Comparing Dropbox and SugarSync

Dropbox SugarSync
Free Storage Space   | 2.5 GB 5 GB
Referral Bonus 250 MB 500 MB*
Symbian Client No Yes
Invites (Free) Limited to 8GB  | Unlimited*

* This is valid till 31st March 2011 only.

These services are great way to replicate your files and they are in safe hands so you never lose any important data.

I have switched to SugarSync from Dropbox, which one do you prefer?

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Manpreet Singh Rehsi - January 7, 2011

You got the valid till date wrong may be a typing mistake. We are in Year 2011.
Happy New Year, Buddy.

    Rohit Langde - January 8, 2011

    Thanks for pointing it out, now corrected and updated the article.
    Very Happy new year to you too Manpreet 🙂

Tiago - January 26, 2011

SugarSync YESSS!!!

amit - November 10, 2011

SugarSync is one of the best online cloud storage service, but now a days people like to use multiple services to store their huge set of documents and other media content, and managing all multiple accounts is a daunting task, so I would recommend you to use http://www.zeropc.com, using which you users can share, access all their content from single login and can create backup too. It`s a kind of web desktop over the cloud, to know more about it check out this link ZeroPC2.0 Powerful cloud navigator

So - February 14, 2012

Sugarsync now limited the referral bonus to 32gb as per January 2012


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