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How To Unsubscribe Needless Email Newsletters And Free Up Inbox Safely

Email inbox soon starts accumulating with junk with time. Some Newsletters and subscriptions knowingly or unknowingly you signed up adds to nuisance in your mailbox. Here are the ways in which you can safely unsubscribe and get rid of those email newsletters.

1. Look for Unsubscribe Link in Email

Newsletters most of the time have a text link inside the email content which offers you an option to unsubscribe from their email newsletters. It is generally at the end of email written in small font. Click on it to opt-out your email ID from their mailing list.

unsubscribe newsletter link in email

2. Attempt to Unsubscribe using Gmail

For Gmail users, it has inbuilt option to unsubscribe from sender. For some emails from specific senders, Gmail offers Unsubscribe option where it automatically tries to remove your email ID and promises to no more receive those newsletters.

gmail unsubscribe attempt

3. Mute the Email Conversation

Gmail has an awesome feature called Mute. If you’re receiving lots of mails from a particular email address, go to your inbox, select the email by checking the the box and select Mute from the More actions button.

A muted discussion goes directly into your archive without ever ending up in your inbox along the way. This is particularly helpful if you see a long discussion happening on a topic that you know you’ll want to reference at some point in the future, but isn’t important to you right now. It is more applicable to emails from Groups and not actually Newsletters.

4. Create Filter to Delete Automatically

Open any Email Newsletter and expand “More” menu and click on “Filter Message like this“. Here you can specify the email address, subject or text in email to match the type of newsletter.

Click “Continue” and on next window, check on “Delete” it and “Create Filter”.

From now on, all emails like this will be deleted automatically when you receive in mailbox and you won’t even come to know on their receipt.

5. Use SwizzleInbox to Free Mailbox

Formerly known as Unsubscribr is a online service which scans your Email account completely and finds out newsletter subscriptions so far and offers an option to unsubscribe from them and also delete existing mails if any in your mail box.

Go to Swizzle and enter your Email ID. You will need to provide account access to Swizzle and rest of the thing is taken care by swizzle itself. In case, your inbox is too big then Swizzle can notify on completion of scan and you don’t have to keep window open.

Not just Gmail but also Swizzle works with other Email service providers too. If you are successful and everything goes well, you may also receive confirmation email about unsubscription.

Methods mentioned above should be tried one after another. If first option doesn’t work for you, move on to second and so on. These are the sure shot ways to get rid of Unwanted junk Newsletters in your email.

It is rightly said that Prevention is better than cure so, why not take precaution to avoid spam newsletters instead of deleting then later. It is possible by hiding Email address on Internet and hence avoid spam by not revealing real Email ID. People often fall for subscribing newsletter subscriptions thanks to well designed forms generated by optinskin but pretty soon realize that it was unnecessary. These techniques will help you unsubscribe them and make your inbox clutter free.

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Deepak - June 13, 2012

PLz also add a post for deleting emails fastly of inbox, filterd email etc.

delting 20 emails everytime consume much time……….

abhishek - June 17, 2012

hey thnx for the post
i was seriously fed up of such useless msgs
nice one
thnx a lot

vijay hardas - July 10, 2012

Thanx for the post also let me know how to unsubscribe from facebook or delete facebook a/c


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