How to Schedule and Update Facebook Status and Tweet in Future

Have you tried Deferred Sender to schedule and send an email in future? If not, try it now. Today, I am going to share another free web service that lets you update your Facebook status and schedule a tweet in future. Later Bro is an awesome web app that provides both the facilities from one single interface. You don’t need to register yourself either to access this service.

Visit Later Bro. The interface is pretty simple. You will see two buttons there, one for Twitter and the other for Facebook.

User Interface of Later Bro

To Schedule Future Status on Facebook:

Click “Facebook”.

Signup with Facebook for Future Status

A pop-up window appears prompting you to log in to your Facebook profile.

Log in to Your Facebook Profile with Email and Password Combination

For the first time, allow Later Bro to access Facebook profile’s basic information.

Allow Later Bro to Access Basic Information of Facebook Profile

Allow Later Bro again to post status messages in your profile.

Allow Later Bro to Post to Your Facebook Wall

Select your local time zone by clicking the drop-down list and hit “Next”.

Select Local Time Zone

Now, compose your future status. You can post up to 140 characters.

Compose Future Status within 140 Characters

Click the Calendar icon to set up the date of posting.

Set the Date on Which Future Status will be Updated

Select a specific time at which your status will be updated.

Set the Time at Which Future Status will be Updated

You have several options to set the frequency of your just-composed update. Check the box before the Facebook icon and click “Schedule”.

Set the Frequency of Update and Schedule It

Hover the mouse on the green strip containing the welcome message. It will change to “logout” option and will become red. Click to logout safely.

Log out from Later Bro

Your status is scheduled successfully and will be posted on your Facebook profile at the specified time.

Facebook Status is Updated at the Specified Time

To Schedule a Future Tweet:

The process is quite similar to that of Facebook. Click “Twitter”.

Signup with Twitter for Future Tweet

Log in to your Twitter profile.

Log in to Your Twitter Account with Email and Password Combination

Allow Later Bro to access and update your profile.

Allow Later Bro to Access and Update Your Twitter Account

Within seconds, you will be redirected to the application.

You are Redirected to Later Bro to Compose Future Tweet

Rest of the steps is exactly same as in case of Facebook. After finishing the process, the scheduled tweet will be shown on that page.

Future Tweet has been Scheduled Successfully

It will appear on Twitter at the specified time.

Twitter Status is Updated at the Specified Time

Whenever you will be away from computer, schedule Facebook status and tweet in advance and keep relaxing!

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Ede johnson zumaco - September 30, 2010

How can i update my facebook and also chat with people through facebook

namita - February 23, 2011

Really? It is fantastic. It will help me a lot

Yogesh - August 19, 2011

Nice application. Helped a lot to schedule the update for my status both in facebook and twitter.

Liz - February 29, 2012

I just started using Later Bro. I want to use the application to post to a facebook page that i administrate instead of my own personal news feed. Does this application allow me to do that? How?
Thanks for the help!

Sreelal G Pillai - January 6, 2013

Can we connect this app directly to the wordpress platform?? or is there any other option?

    Rohit Langde - January 6, 2013

    No, it cannot be connected to WordPress but if your motive is to share your posts from WordPress Blog to WordPress, there are other solutions.
    You can use other WordPress plugin like “Wordbook” or use Facebook app called “NetworkedBlogs”.


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