Update Google Plus Status Post via SMS Text Message from Phone

We love to update Social Network Status on the go and Mobile devices are mostly used to do that. Even in today’s world of 4G, Data connection is sometimes not accessible at some places so SMS Text is only option to update Social status. Google Plus Social network was unveiled recently and here we will discuss how can you update Google Plus Status via SMS Text.

How to update Google+ Status Post via SMS

  1. Go to Google+ Settings and enter Mobile Number.
  2. Press on Send Verification Code by SMS and you will receive Message from Google with Verification code.
  3. Enter the same code and Press Confirm to link Mobile Phone to your Google+ account.
    Google Plus SMS Update
  4. Send your update SMS to +919222222222 (only for India) and status will be updated immediately.
    Google Plus SMS Status

By default, the post is shared with public but you can Share Google+ Post with specific circle or person. Here’s how:

Use the shortcuts below to share your posts with specific people or circles:

@[circle name]
To share with a specific circle, append your post with @[circle name]. For example: “Catch you at McDonalds @CollegeFriends“.

To share with everyone in your extended circles, append your post with @extended. For example: “Any Veg restaurant recommendations? @extended”.

To share your post publicly, append your post with @public. Public posts are viewable by anyone on the web. For example: “Any Veg restaurant recommendations? @public”.

SMS Notifications for Google+ Mentions, Photo Tag or Comment

Just below the form where you entered Mobile Number and Verification Code, there is a list to customize which Notification to be sent as SMS and Email. Check mark in front of those options to enable or disable Google+ SMS Notifications.

Google+ SMS Post Rates

Phone Number where you are sending SMS is not a premium one so Standard SMS rates apply. In case you have Free SMS Pack then, Google Plus Status can be updated via SMS for Free.

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Ajitem Sahasrabuddhe - July 3, 2011

I was pleasantly surprised to see only two countries in the Country Selection Box. India and the US. Chalo India tarakki kar raha!

    Rohit Langde - July 4, 2011

    Yeah! Some features exclusively started for India.
    Actually, there are no such Data connection problems in other countries so, India was given preference in SMS feature 😛

      GK - July 4, 2011

      Nice post Rohit..Google is getting things perfectly right..India is a huge country and it did the right thing by giving such options…trying all out to feat FB..i feel it is going in a right direction.

Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 22, 2011

All i want to say is Google+ rocks!!

Serials King - July 30, 2011

very good feature for google plus users


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