Update status of multiple social networks in one stroke

If you are a member of various social networking sites, you may be knowing how difficult it is to keep updating your status on each of them and always be active. Part-Time Bloggers like me face such problem of being socially inactive due to time factor. Logging in to each of them and updating same thing makes it boring job. So, I am reviewing a service which will do this job on the go!

HelloTxt is a free web service from where you can update status of multiple social networking sites instantly and simultaneously (ofcourse)! List of supported sites is too long including major ones like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Supported Social Netwoking sites

To Update status across different social networks, you can easily login to hellotxt using Facebook or Twitter account. It can be done by Email, SMS or simply from Gtalk and it works great with a simple and easy to use interface.

Not only you can update your status but also read what’s on your friend’s profile. Moreover, you can develop new application using their open API. You can also use Hellotxt on your mobile devices, it will allow you to stay connected from any place you want. Presently Hellotxt app is available for Android, iPad and iPhone.

My Verdict : Really a time saving service to be active on social networks. Updating status from Gtalk just by adding their bot to buddy list is just awesome.

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John Taylor - April 24, 2009

Interesting blog post. What would you say was the most important marketing factor?

manisha - February 12, 2010

There is more good service offered similar by ping.fm. You can check that out too..

I tried it and am very happy with that service.

Thomas Lee - March 1, 2010

I have just tried using HelloTxt and couldn’t get it to work on my LiveJournal and Blogspot accounts. I entered my usernames and passwords and got nothing but “Wrong data.” That was enough for me. I’ll find something else.

    Rohit Langde - March 1, 2010

    Well, I didn’t try it on Livejournal but Blogspot, WordPress and other worked fine for me and good thing is that I am using it still now.

Muhammad Faisal - March 9, 2010

Its very good site and will help me a lot for doing my work

Valerijs - February 9, 2012

lol cool arcltie dude! thanks! i searched for “cool statuses on facebook” and this came up somehow i agree with what you say! thx for the tips the blog is AMAZING! zack


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