Upgrade to Google Play Store Instantly and Enjoy Android Apps Promotions

Google Android Market is now being upgraded and called as Google Play Store. This new logic of Google allows users to be completely connected to their content from any device at any time, maybe Books, Movies or Music.

I say, icloud is a good concept, but only lets you have your data, music and video in the cloud, Google Play allows us to have more than that, games, books, and more than you will not have to worry about cables, or other synchronization tool to the use  web services.

Well, the fact is that this new way of looking at Google’s services was released yesterday morning, catching almost everyone but demonstrating that it is so hard getting Google to their most popular platforms, and the question that many ask is when can I have Google Play? As updates to the application of smartphones already in process, it will be rolled out gradually but still if you have not received or do not want to wait here I show you a trick to get it before official date.

Get Google Play Store Officially

To obtain the update to Google Android Market is subject to Play the availability on local servers, so if this method does not work, they can always download the APK and install it, but of course try first “natural” way.

The first thing we must do is have the android terminal with a stable intenet connectione, the 3G is fine, but if you want something faster WiFi will be a good option.

Then we go to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications, hence select the All tab and we will go to find the Android Market, we will stop the application selection and then delete cache last application and application data.

Having done this, only thing remains for us is to open the application and hope that the application loads. Google should now itself tell you about Google Play Store upgrade. So, just go with it.

This should bring the new Google application Play along with the change of image and icon, but if it does not we can try again but with the help of an application for the data cache cleaning and doing the same cleaning from the applications menu.

Download Google Play Store APK

If you still fail, then use the available Google Play APK to and install without any problems.

Download Google Play Store APK

As additional data Google is celebrating big Play arrival, and this makes a 50% discount on its most popular applications, where we can find games like Dead Space, Asphalt 6, NOVA2, and SwiftKaey Endomodo applications like X, so if you want to enjoy some of the applications in addition to promoting new Google Play forward which is, itself, a great idea for the Android platform.

Promotional Applications | Google Play

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