Imgur Uploader: Upload and Share Images directly from Firefox

Do you want to share an image from either your desktop or web easily? Try Imgur. It is one of the largest image hosting websites. You can upload any image to Imgur and share the link just in a few clicks.

Imgur Uploader is a nifty Firefox add-on that lets you upload any image found on the web right from your Firefox browser. Install the add-on.

Imgur Uploader - Firefox Add-on

Now, when you come across any image on the web, you wish to share, just right click on the image. Select “Upload Image on Imgur” from the context menu.

Upload Image to Imgur from Right Click Context Menu

A new tab containing the image and the sharing URL will open. The URL gets copied to the clipboard automatically. Now, share it with your friends and relatives. You can find direct links to some famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. right there.

Direct Link of Uploaded Image on Imgur to be Shared

To upload an image from desktop:

Visit Imgur home page. Click the “Browse” button and select an image from your local hard drive.

Upload Image to Imgur from Local Hard Disk

To edit the image, check the box bellow “Edit’ and click “Continue”.

Edit Uploaded Image on Imgur

You can crop, rotate, change the dimensions of the image or alter the image quality and file size using some nice handy tools given there. When you are done with editing, click “Continue”.

Built-in Tools for Editing Image on Imgur

The sharing URL will appear just like before.

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fred - December 2, 2010

used Imgur for two days and people write me that my
pics not showing or opening…I have not had this issue before with other uploaders.
I do note that some on my blog are there but then when i scan the page, others no longer there.
I have IMac and the widget in FireFox…
any explanation?I did write Imgur (2 times) but they do not answer. Even wanted to subscribe but had questions they did not answer.
help, please


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