How Can a Video Stored in Dropbox Publish To Vimeo Automatically

Dropbox is a cross-platform backup folder and Vimeo is popular Video sharing site. If you backup Videos to Dropbox then now you can now publish them automatically to Vimeo. It can be made possible by adding Vimeo app to Dropbox. Learn How to Upload Dropbox Videos to Vimeo automatically.

How To Upload Videos From Dropbox To Vimeo Automatically

You must have Vimeo account, create now if you don’t have one. Once created, login into Vimeo account.

Look for Upload button which is upper right of webpage. New page will open and here, scroll down to find “Other ways to Upload”. Click on Connect to Dropbox to link it with Vimeo.

Connect Dropbox to Vimeo For Video Upload

Now, you have to authorize Vimeo to access your Dropbox Folders. For which you have to login Dropbox account and click Allow.

Here’s how the Authorization window looks- You must select Automatic Upload so as to enable uploading from Dropbox videos automatically. Giving Vimeo full access of Dropbox is however optional which will enable video upload from anywhere to Vimeo.

Vimeo and Dropbox Video Setting

Personally, I haven’t enabled it because I want only selected Videos to be published at Vimeo. These settings can be edited at later stage so, don’t think too much ad waste time at this moment itself.

After successful authentication, if you have installed Desktop application, you will be notified about new app addition. Folder named “Vimeo” will be created in \Dropbox\Apps.

From now on, video placed in this folder or anywhere in Dropbox (depends on your setting) will be automatically uploaded to Vimeo account too. So, Video sharing to Vimeo should be counted as 11th in our list of 10 ways to Use DropBox and Make Most out of Free 2GB Space.


In my test, automatic video upload took too much time. Also, being a Basic member, video conversion took nearly half an hour.

Well, if you want to completely avoid storing video on computer, you should try Sidecloud which Save Files on Dropbox directly without downloading on Computer.

Anyhow, it is a nice move by Vimeo to gain more popularity and exposure. Reason is obvious that the leader YouTube doesn’t yet allow to upload such kind of uploads.

It will be nice to see when YouTube will allow videos stored in Google Drive to be published automatically. This is another thing which Google Drive should do to compete with Dropbox.

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Mayank - September 2, 2012

VImeo is gaining popularity for its clean & friendly UI and also because of such Features.
Still it is far from Youtube cause Youtube has powerful tools like video editing etc. and many other such features and not to mention a large User base.


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