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Use Facebook at Office Work in form of Excel Sheet without getting caught

For Facebook Addicts, it’s not possible to live without checking Facebook wall for a long time which is a general scenario if you are working at office. Even if you are not an addict, you may want to keep in track of Facebook updates just for a change. But Getting caught is a fear which prevents you to do so.

ALT + TAB to switch between Work Window and Facebook is common and working trick but not so secure so, here is a trick which will let you access Facebook imitating your work. By work, I am pointing to the Excel Sheet.

The idea is simple: All your Facebook statuses are presented as if it were an Excel document. Updates from your friends, new photos, comments, changes of state, likes, events calendar, and so on. Much information as possible from a single interface Excel, one book and several sheets.

Facebook Excel Sheet

Imagine yourself working in a Bank or IT sector where accessing Facebook could drag you to problem. In such a situation, HardlyWork.in comes to rescue.

HardlyWork.in is a web application which converts your Facebook wall including all details into Excel Sheet. Visit their site and once and only once, you have to provide access to HardlyWork.in application and that’s it.

All statuses are shown in Excel Sheet Cells. External links can be clicked to open in new tab. While Photo updates can be seen by hovering mouse on it. Thumbnail is shown on right bottom and full width image can be seen by clicking on link.

The program has been designed in the end so you can see Facebook from work, and it even has a panic button that is activated by pressing the space bar, which automatically converts content of the cells to numeric values, just in case the boss comes up unexpectedly appear and engage in the detail of your work. Now convincing your Boss about Numbers and your work depends on your creativity 🙂

For better results- get your Web browser to Full screen so that just the application is shown which exactly resembles like Excel sheet.

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Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 30, 2011

To be honest,i didnt have an idea about this stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Shubham Pandey - November 28, 2011

glad to see this trick,thanks for sharing this its really a great…


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