Video Conferencing Without Software Download: 3 Web Meeting Solutions

If you conduct a virtual web meeting with a group of people, it is interesting to learn about different solutions for Video Conferencing. Software download solution is passé when you can conduct web meetings right from browser using these 3 Video conferencing without software download.


1. For Professionals - Video Conferencing without Software Download

Free service with a simple and elegant design that allows us to conduct virtual web meetings (public and private) instantly, plus additional options which are very interesting and easy to use. As a limitation, supports up to 5 people per room. And this limit is not expandable.’s strength is the ability to create web meeting rooms without registration. Unique Link is generated automatically, which will be shared so that other users from accessing the video instantly. Among its other features, we can share screen, add notes, share files or even have a conversation from the chat room. Ideal to have a conversation with customers or colleagues.

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2. Google Plus Hangout: Meeting with Friends

Google Plus Hangout - Video Conferencing without Software

Google Hangout is the tool to conduct video meetings on Google Plus. It offers the possibility of maintaining virtual meetings with our social network contacts with our circles or even openly. Also it allows to broadcast the live video conferencing via YouTube, a really nice feature if, for example, doing an interview with someone popular.

Among its features are the ability to share screen, add effects to the webcam, view a YouTube video or a document from Google Docs or Slideshare with all participants in the room, and more.

Hangout is totally free (with a limit of 10 people at a time) and any Google+ user can use it freely. Of course, you must download and install a plugin to make it work. Even with the official Google+ app for iOS and Android can conduct Hangouts as if we were from the browser.

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3. MashMeTV: Web Meetings with Multiple Possibilities

MashMeTv - Video Conferencing without Software

MashMeTV is a fairly a new startup. Here, we can create video meeting rooms with a simple registration from our Facebook account, Twitter or Google. By creating the room, we will have a custom binding, which we will share with our contacts so they can join (up to 10 people).

The design of the service is not something to boast about, which is bit poor. But if we look out for functionality, MashMeTV is an excellent option to consider. Once inside the room, we can take action together with all other users, such as watching a YouTube video or even watch TV channels. Also we can share and show documents, view a web or upload a map of Google Maps, and more.

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I hope these 3 Web Solutions would be your choice whenever you want to hold Web Meetings or any Video Conferencing without Software Download.

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