View SMS in Chat style with Smiley Support in S60 V5

Are u bored reading and sending sms through the default message application? Well if you have a nokia S60 V5 at hands you might also have noticed that it does not support smileys. This fact might be bit depressing for people like me who love sending smileys to express their feelings. Well this deficiency can be fulfilled by Thread SMS.

Thread sms is a free symbian 60 v5 application for managing and viewing sms sent and received. Its main feature is to keep track of all sms received from a particular person and group them together. You can view these sms as chats between you and the sender in a style similar to that of yahoo messenger or google talk, for instance the bubble shaped representation.

Apart from the cool and interesting representation Thread sms also provides its own notification. Normally in the default application the sms the new message notification is simple as 1 new msg received, but it does not provide any further information about the sender or the content where as you can enable this feature from thread sms. If you have an image associated with a contact, the notification is shown with the image. There are many settings that can be used to enhance the functionality according to your convenience.

Now you can insert smiley in sms easily through this application and also view them instead of viewing the skeleton symbols which many people may not understand. You can also select number of messages that should be displayed. This application is capable of auto starting at phone start.

Note: I have tested this application 5235 and it works fine. It should also work well with 5800 xm, 5230 5233 etc. You must sign this application before installing. for more details go through the download page.

Download: Thread SMS

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